Rentals-Fire Orange, Red & Yellow Latex Leggings

Rentals-Fire Orange, Red & Yellow Latex Leggings

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Size: XS


  • One-of-a-kind designer sample
  • Latex leggings with flame-like details. 
  • Wear:
    • Use talc powder to coat the inside of the garment.
    • For tight-fitting garments, use a light coat of dressing aid or shiner.
    • To shine, use a latex shiner. 
  • Clean:
    • Let the garment soak in a tub full of water with a small drop of viviclean.
    • Hang garment to dry. 
    • Once the garment is completely dry, inside and out, powder the inside with talc powder. 
    • Store garment on a plastic hanger in a dark plastic bag in a cool, shaded, dry place. 
  • Caution:
    • DO NOT use oil-based lubricants and avoid over shining appliqué details. Lubricants can seep into seams which can cause the seam to become unbound. 
    • AVOID sharp objects, such as long nails and jewelry. Take off all jewelry when putting on or taking off your garment. AVOID perfume, body sprays, and oils. 
    • AVOID metal objects, such as coins, belts, and body piercings or copper, brass, and bronze-based items. AVOID hanging garments with thin straps or on metal hangers.
    • Any light color latex will stain easily. Store these pieces separately.

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